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Here at FRC we’ve recently been obsessed with the phenomena of dazzle ships and dazzle camouflage. There are dazzle wetsuits, dazzle dogs, and a mysterious Floridian camoufleur. There’s music for your tape recorder and  dubious claims by spanish artists. There’s makeup to hide from algorithms, and above all there’s the flash-bang of hiding your shape with loud stripes.


There should be more. So, my feral friends,  inspired in part by Carrie Schneider’s beautiful dazzle canoe (which we had nothing to do with but wish we did), attached below please find the official FRC Dazzle Canoe Coloring Contest form. Please note:  your interpretation of “dazzle” may vary, do not feel constrained by existing patterns. As suggested by @matthewbattles: 

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 4.48.26 PM

Submit completed entries to: subject “camoufleur”, or post them to twitter with the hashtag #camoufleur. The contest will be a random drawing held on April 1. Three names will be drawn and each receive a limited edition FRC dazzle-sticker. A gallery of all entries will be posted to the site. No cash value. Void where prohibited by law.


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Dazzle Canoe Coloring Contest Entry Form (PDF – best for printing)

Dazzle Canoe Coloring Contest Entry Form (PNG – best for photoshopping)